Our holistic model allows for our unique Music School to thrive. Music experts train and coach our teens, devoting nearly 1,000 hours a year in music instruction. Teens use New City Kids’ very own teaching model called “Bring Magic For Real” to break down complicated music theory concepts into fun raps and songs. At the same time, they learn what it takes to manage a classroom so their students can learn well. Our kids are creative dreamers that when given an instrument, they take the stage and shine with confidence.


Kids learn bass basics from string names to knowing every note on the bass. They learn techniques such as plucking, slapping, and muting. Kids find their groove and flavor in the bass class and take it to the stage to show off their skills. 

Piano Class

Kids learn how to play fun songs using proper fingering and proper posture. They learn basic music theory such as musical alphabet, major and minor scales, and how to form triad chords in their first year. Kids continue to grow by using inversions, playing with left hand, and learning uptempo songs.


Kids learn the fundamentals from holding drum sticks at the fulcrum to playing rudiments. They learn the 5 basic drum beats, and master 2 beat and 4 beat fills. Kids grow to find their own rhythm in our drum class.


Kids learn the basic concepts of singing melody and harmony. They learn proper singing posture, breathing, build ear training, and explore songwriting. Kids develop stage presence, proper mic holding, and they grow in confidence.