children served daily


music classes taught daily

The After School Center invites kids (1st-8th grade) to take part in an extremely well developed academic and arts enrichment program. In addition to completing all homework, each student is given an opportunity to participate in daily music instruction classes, drama classes or other creative arts offerings. 



local high school teens employed


high school graduation rate since we opened in 2014

A Teen Life Internship is a year-long, paid, part-time internship in the serious business of success. Much as a medical intern would learn the skills of a doctor or a legal intern would be immersed in the culture and strategies of attorneys, a Teen Life Intern is taught how to live well through an in-depth leadership development program that turns teens into the leaders of classrooms.

Summer Program

Summer programming combines a traditional day camp experience with spiritual development focused around a single and memorable Biblical theme. Kids participate in a variety of activities including bible-quizzing, games and art that encourage self-expression through dance, chants, and raps. Campers are exposed to the world beyond their neighborhood through day-long field trips that include hiking, swimming, exploring zoos and parks, and more..

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Brighter Day

Brighter Day is a series of trauma-informed classes and small groups for the students at New City Kids, which teach social and emotional skills for child abuse prevention.  Students learn about and process the challenging and often traumatic experiences they face in their families, schools and neighborhoods. The restorative power of the group experience, along with trauma-focused play therapy promotes prevention, intervention and healing from childhood traumas.