About the Teen Life Internship

A Teen Life Internship is a year-long, paid, part-time internship in the serious business of success. Much as a medical intern would learn the skills of a doctor or a legal intern would be immersed in the culture and strategies of attorneys, a Teen Life Intern is taught how to live well through an in-depth leadership development program that turns teens into the leaders of classrooms.

An Intern works eight to twelve hours each week tutoring, leading a music class, leading an activity class, or managing other teens. Each Intern is required to sharpen their skills through a curriculum of job training, life skills trainings, and an extensive college preparation curriculum. They also go on professional visits and receive extensive one-on-one coaching and support. The result is a teen who is stretched, challenged, loved, and grown into discovering the dignity of work, a new-found confidence in their abilities, and the sure hope of a college education.

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At New City Kids our college bound culture begins at age six. Each child in our After School Center joins a team named after a college and the idea of college-identification is reinforced from the beginning. Each month every child hears New City alumni who come share their stories of college challenge and success. (Tutoring and SAT preparation)

College Tour

Teens visit up to 13 colleges over the course of five days: touring campuses, hearing from alumni, and attending info sessions. In all, they receive a peek at college life and their future. A majority of our teens are rising first generation college students, and for many, college seems to only be a dream—college tour turns those dreams into a tangible reality.

Leadership Development

Life Skills

Teens take life skills classes in financial literacy, fitness & nutrition, and more. One put into practice most often is public speaking. Whether they are rallying other kids and teens, performing a spoken word, or giving a speech, they are taught to handle the spotlight with grace and confidence.

Professional Visits

Teens attend panels of industry professionals, where they are able to ask questions and get insight into industries of interest. They are enlightened to challenges, successes, and overall experiences, giving them a clearer understanding of their own future professions.

Coaching/Performance Reviews

Teens are coached and given performance reviews every school semester. They are graded based off 7 areas of job responsibility and are pushed to grow as teachers, tutors, and overall rising adults. They are sharpened and prepared to grow successful careers.

Performing arts


Teens teach how to play fun songs using proper fingering and chords in our piano class.


Teens teach the beats helping kids find their own rhythm in our drum class.


Teens teach bass basics while helping kids find their groove and flavor in the bass class.


Teens teach melody and harmony, how to develop ear training, and grow in stage presence in our vocals class.

Spring Production

Our Spring Benefit Concert is the moment all the hard work has paid off! Kids and teens are featured in this production playing and singing on the big stage in front of large audiences. Their stories of hardship & triumph are shared, not only through song, but in spoken word, dance, and drama. Kids and teens develop self awareness and self confidence through the production.

Spiritual development

Bible Studies

2 Timothy 3:16-17 says, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuke, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” In a 6-week bible study program, our adult staff lead youth to learn about God in a healthy & open environment. Teens are encouraged to ask questions, share doubts or anxieties, and pray for one another.


Every year, we host an overnight retreat where our teens see life outside of Jersey City. This unique fellowship can range from sledding on a snowy hill to playing a competitive game of ultimate frisbee. This also serves to be a great opportunity to share the gospel with teens. More often than not, our teens recount retreats as the highlight of their TLI experience!

Small Groups

Once a week, we host gender-based small groups that are led by adult staff and our teens share about home-life, school, relationships and friendships, and more. This is a space where our teens find accountability and community amongst fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We trust in God’s faithful presence to bring healing, comfort, and community in the conversations and prayers of our small groups. 


Each teen is paired with an adult staff called a One-on-One. They provide teens with support and love, and are often a person of refuge for their teen. Teens are able to talk about their real life problems receiving sound advice, encouragement, or just a listening ear.

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