The Music School is a teen-led, joy-filled, skill-based music school that develops children into musicians. We offer classes in drums, bass guitar, voice, and piano for beginner to advanced students. In our unique model, children are not only given academic assistance but are also a part of the music program. We hire local high school teenagers to teach music fundamentals to children in their own community. In turn, our teen staff members are mentored by music experts to help them grow, not only as musicians but as music teachers. What’s learned in class is performed on a big stage in front of large audiences, family members, and peers through weekly showcases, semester performances, and large special events.

Divinity Roxx

Multi-award-winning artist, musician, and composer
"Working with the kids at New City was a complete joy, they are motivated, determined and inspired to be the very best they can be. The New City Kids program is one of the most compassionate programs I've ever had the honor of being a small part of. The NCK team is fully committed to inspiring young people to become the community leaders of the future. One of my favorite aspects of the program is the mentoring of high school students who in turn mentor the younger students. The ‘each one teach one’ approach is vital to breaking the cycles we often see in communities where there are a lack of resources and faith. At NCK, the kids are taught that they are indeed their brother's and sister's keeper.”

Clay Bogan III

Multi-award-winning producer & songwriter
"Before I had the opportunity to visit New City Kids, I was only left to imagine a healthy environment that gave a balanced focus on education, music theory, leadership, and spiritual development. This team is doing an incredible job with encouraging the best in each child while cultivating growth opportunities. I was humbled and honored to be around this exceptional group of kids and teachers. Every creative professional should experience New City Kids. Not only will you impact the kids. They will impact you."

Jaimeo Brown

Leader of the internationally recognized group, Transcendence.
“Serving the community at New City Kids has been one of the most rewarding decisions of my life. They have creatively found ways to transcend the difficult challenges that urban youth face and provide hopeful opportunities to amazing kids. Investing into New City Kids provides bright light to individuals that truly appreciate and need it.”