Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Policy

As a faith-based organization rooted in the foundations of scripture, we honor and adhere to these biblical principles: that the beauty of God’s character is only fully reflected when we take into account the rich diversity of ethnicity, age, and gender present in the world today; that the mission of God, which begins in the garden and ends in the city is the fullest manifestation of the design of diversity that God has built into the created order; that God’s heart is revealed in all God’s people of all nations and all tribes.

For this reason, working towards inclusion and diversity is not an effort we tack on at the end of a mission statement or in an effort to check boxes on a form. Rather, because of the design of God’s creation, diversity, equity, and inclusion are features of the Kingdom of God that generates dignity, creativity, energy, and innovation.  

Because of these convictions, New City Kids will hold itself to these practices:

  1. We actively foster an environment of inclusion and welcome for all people. We do this by recruiting students from city schools; by hiring staff that reflect the diversity of our students; by serving as watchdogs and advocates for our children and their families.
  2. We actively seek a diverse pool of talent. We do this by seeking connections with a diverse representation of community leaders; by using our networks to do hard and soft recruiting of potential staff; by searching nationwide for new and talented leaders.
  3. We foster a search process for executive leadership positions which includes intentionally seeking out qualified candidates of color. While all qualified candidates who have a mission alignment with New City Kids will be considered equally, we will be intentional about seeking candidates for executive leadership positions that reflect the ethnicity of the children this ministry serves. One of our main strategies for accomplishing this will be an internal training program that seeks to develop qualified internal candidates. 
  4. We work to have a board that reflects the diversity of the city. We do this by using our networks to create relationships with community leaders; by leaning on our staff for more connections. 
  5. We resist the strong cultural inertia towards tribalism. We do this by resisting isolation, tribalism, and non-biblical policies which lift up one nation, political group, or ethnicity as more worthy or legitimate than others.
  6. We work towards seeking out the disenfranchised. We do this by empowering all people to become leaders and change agents God intends.

These affirmations are rooted in and derived from the following scripture:

Isaiah 61:1-4 God uses people of every background and social status and especially empowers the disenfranchised to be transformed into agents of change to bring about the renewal of the city for his glory.

John 1:1,14  God not only created humanity, but in an act of staggering love, God became human with the result that all humanity doubly reflects the personhood of God.

Galatians 3:28  In the Kingdom of God there is radical equality that cuts across current cultural divisions.  

Acts 17:26-27 All ethnicities reflect the image of God, and God’s design is for all them to exist.  God is equally available to people of any nation, tribe or language.

Revelation 7:7-9 God is intentionally moving history from parochial to inclusive, from the garden to the city, from the division of the tower of Babel to the integrity of many languages and peoples enriching each other.  God’s design is a unity in diversity that will incorporate people of every tribe, nation, language, and color in a final reflection of who God is.