About After School Center

New City Kids After School Center serves children (1st-8th grade) daily at seven sites in four cities: Jersey City and Paterson, NJ, and Grand Rapids and Detroit, MI. The core curriculum blends english, math, and geography lessons with fine and performing arts, music, and more.

Why After School?

There is a moment in the life of a child when they find themselves doing something they previously thought impossible. This can be the moment they learn a musical instrument, master their times table, share a piece of creative writing in public, or see their name on the honors list. That moment becomes a platform on which a child can build a life of achievement and confidence. The After School Center seeks to bring this moment to children again and again until they are set on a trajectory of transformation.

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Performing Arts

Children are invited to choose an instrument and persist with it for an entire year. We offer classes in drums, bass guitar, voice, and piano. Children who complete the entire year win prizes, including musical instruments, so they can continue their craft. In addition to the music classes, we also offer electives in recreation, kickboxing, photography, drama, and dance.


kids learn how to play fun songs using proper fingering and chords in our piano class.


kids learn the beats and find their own rhythm in our drum class.


kids learn bass basics while finding their groove and flavor in the bass class.


Kids learn melody and harmony, how to develop ear training, and grow in stage presence in our vocals class.

Spring Production

Our Spring Benefit Concert is the moment all the hard work has paid off! Kids and teens are featured in this production playing and singing on the big stage in front of large audiences. Their stories of hardship & triumph are shared, not only through song, but in spoken word, dance, and drama. Kids and teens develop self awareness and self confidence through the production.


All students receive homework-completion assistance. In addition, all New City Kids students participate in a year long math, grammar, and geography curriculum designed to compliment and strengthen learning that is taking place at school. Learning goals are incentivized and every child earns prizes as they ascend through a series of achievement steps. Learning is made easy and relevant by turning detailed information into fun, memorable raps. Kids are grouped into teams named after colleges and universities. Recognition is earned for achieving various levels qualified as “associate’s”, “bachelor’s”, and “master’s” degrees in order to promote college-bound culture. 


Students are grouped together with a teen tutor whose responsible with assisting in homework comprehension and completion. Students are rewarded for bringing in report cards, allowing tutors and staff to be aware of both trouble spots and achievements. Overall this allows to students to not only succeed further in their academics but grow in relationship with their teen tutor.

Extra Credit

New City Kids focuses on areas that are notoriously difficult for inner city youth. Students are exposed to extra learning in the areas of reading, math, and geography. Assessments are used to measure growth and get kids on track or surpass grade level expectations. Teens and adults use raps and competitive activities to encourage a culture of life long learning! 

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