Why Paterson


10% of adults hold a bachelors degree or higher.*

3% of high school seniors are college ready.**

71% of kids are near or below the poverty line.***

About New City Kids Paterson

In September 2015, New City Kids: Paterson launched an After School Center and Teen Life Internship program in Paterson, NJ. After meeting with leaders and representatives of almost 75 organizations and ministries, beginning to build a foundation of support, and establishing a partnership with Madison Ave. Crossroads Community Ministries, we are running an After School Center and Music School for 60 children, employing almost 30 Teen Life Interns.

To visit New City Kids: Paterson for a tour or to find out more, please email the Paterson Executive Director, Jeremy Jerschina at jeremy@newcitykids.org.

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After School Center

There is a moment in the life of a child where they find themselves doing something they previously thought impossible. This can be the moment they learn a musical instrument, master their times tables, share a piece of creative writing in public, or see their name on the honors list.

Teen Life Internship

A Teen Life Internship is a year-long, paid, part-time internship in the serious business of living well. Much as a medical intern would learn how to adopt the skills of a doctor or a legal intern would be immersed in the culture and strategies of attorneys, a Teen Life Intern is taught how to live well through an in-depth leadership development program which turns teens into the leaders of classrooms.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp combines a traditional camp experience with spiritual development focused around a single and memorable Biblical theme. Kids participate in a variety of activities including bible-quizzing, games, and art that encourage self-expression through dance, chants and raps.