Rev. Trevor Rubingh

Co-Founder, President, New City Kids Foundation

Trevor is a graduate of Calvin College and Princeton Theological Seminary and is a leader, social entrepreneur and teacher who loves inspiring children to develop their God-given capacities.  In 1994 he and his wife Linda followed their passion to bring transformation to urban children and found themselves in Jersey City.  Trevor’s vision and high-energy style of leadership have attracted an incredible team who together have created a unique model to bring lasting transformation to the children who inspire them.  In 2014, Trevor & Linda moved to Grand Rapids MI to both launch a new site of New CIty Kids and create a system for launching future sites.  Today, New City Kids has 7 sites in 4 cities with 75 adult employees serving 640 kids/day.  Trevor continues to provide leadership at New City Kids as its President of its Foundation where he has launched New City Networks, an international network of 6 youth facing ministries in 6 different countries.  Trevor is the 2017 recipient of the Manhattan Institute Social Entrepreneurship Award for his service at New City Kids.