What happens when you empower at-risk teens to become role models for the kids in their neighborhood?

You build confidence. You give hope. You share love. You transform lives.


Generational poverty is a destructive cycle in cities across America.
Education can break that cycle.

77% of youth from families in the top

income quartile graduate college by 24.

9% of youth from families in the lowest

income quartile graduate college by 24.

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Only 20% of Hispanic and Black 29-year-olds have a college degree.


New City Kids has five After School Centers where paid adult staff coach and mentor local high school students.

These high school students are hired to work as the music and tutoring staff. 150 teens spend 500 hours per year learning, working, and growing.


1st-8th grade students attend after school programs to study, do homework, and take classes in keyboard, drums, bass guitar, and more!


99% of New City Kids seniors graduate high school and matriculate into college.

New City Kids Alumni are 10x more likely to graduate college than the national average for low income students.