Check out this remarkable music video by the New City Kids teens promoting the 2020 Census! New City Kids' leadership development program empowers urban teens as leaders. They make learning fun for younger students in music-focused After School Centers in under-resourced neighborhoods. Our teens have unleashed their skills to help communities all over the nation get a complete count during the 2020 Census. They crafted the song in English and Spanish so more people get the message. Watch here and share the video, then scroll all the way down this page to see #censusselfie examples and join the fun!

Education about the census and how to complete it and the elimination of misconceptions is vital.

Census data determines federal funding allocation for billions of dollars every year for hospitals, fire departments, schools, roads, and other resources.

The word "hospitals" should hit home for everyone right now. Let's do our part to make sure the 2020 Census is accurate.

***New City Kids engages over 500 youth daily through music-driven after school centers for under-resourced children. Those centers are run by high school students from those same neighborhoods, employed through our intensive internship program. New City Kids alumni boast a 100% high school graduation rate and a 90% college graduation rate, 10x the national average for youth in this demographic. In short, our youth are amazing — just watch and see!***

Take the Census Challenge, #censusrapchallenge:

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New City Kids is a proud Census 2020 Complete Count partner of the New Jersey Department of State.