Our answer: Making a difference can be simple. In fact, one way is by spreading the word about what we do for the youth in our community. We need passionate people to raise awareness about the need and value of youth leadership development and how it affects entire communities. By raising money to support New City Kids, you help fund the unique programs, which empower youth to be leaders.

3 Ways to Make A Difference

1. Start a Birthday Campaign

  • Celebrate your birthday in honor of New City Kids. Instead of receiving birthday gifts, ask your family and friends to make donations to fund a Teen Life Intern’s scholarship.

2. Start a Small Business Campaign

  • Are you a small business owner? Sponsor New City Kids for a month-long campaign. Donate proceeds to help fund the music program, college readiness program, or after school program.

3. Start a Personal Campaign

  • Create a personal fundraising campaign in honor of a special event or person in your life, or just because. Use third-party sites like Crowdrise and Gofundme to fundraise for New City Kids.

What should I say?

    Start by following us on Facebook and Instagram. Check out our videos on Vimeo and learn more about our programs, and review our results in our annual report.

Be sure to tell us about your campaign for New City Kids. We’re behind you all the way! Email to get started fundraising for New City Kids.