Alexandra Alfred

Grant Writer, New City Kids: Jersey City

Alexandra Alfred has over 7 years of experience working in the nonprofit sector. Starting as an AmeriCorps volunteer with a nonprofit geared towards volunteerism, she has worked with hundreds of volunteers, corporations, schools, and nonprofits throughout Northern New Jersey, in order to bring volunteerism and overall change to the surrounding communities. Following her year of service, she completed the Social Enterprise program at Columbia University School of Social Work, where she earned her Master's degree, and gained experience in nonprofit management and administration ranging from grant writing to program evaluation. After years of serving children and families in Palm Beach County, Florida, Alexandra later went on to serve as an integral part of the marketing and development team at a small company that helps start up nonprofits. Now, upon relocating back to the tri-state area, Alexandra is excited to do great, impactful work as the new Grant Writer with New City Kids.