ride overview

In June of 2019 we will set out on our 2nd Annual New City Kids Bike Tour. This adventure will take us from New City Kids: Jersey City through Niagara Falls and Canada, to our final destination of New City Kids: Grand Rapids, Michigan. Riders will average 78 miles per day on this 11-day journey. The route will be mostly paved secondary roads. The days will be long as we will ride between six to eight hours daily in order to reach our next destination. The bike tour will include one century day (100+ miles) during the last leg. Riders are expected to maintain a 12 mph average for the entirety of the ride to ensure that riders are able to ride within a relatively close proximity. Since we will be biking through Canada, all riders must bring valid passports.

what kind of rider are you?


$ 11,000 Fundraising goal
  • 2 Jerseys
  • Transportation
  • Road Bike
  • 5 Borough Bike Club membership


Special pricing available
for students
$ 5,500 fundraising goal
  • 2 Jerseys


Create a team of 3
$ 15,000 Fundraising goal
  • 2 Jerseys / per person


rollout day riders,
this is you!
$ 1,000/day Fundraising goal
  • 1 Jersey

Michigan Leg

$ 3,000 Fundraising goal
  • 2 Jerseys


*Grey pins are tentative – locations will be listed as they become solidified.