Teen Life Internship

"New City Kids is really life-changing… They are like a second family, and they’re always encouraging you to do better and better. They are for you.” 

Nia, Junior, Teen Life Intern

After School Center

"We get to see our friends in person instead of online and go outside. Before coming to New City Kids, I didn’t get my {school} work done, but coming here has helped me.”

Issac, After School Center Student

College and Career Readiness

“I’d always felt like college was a pipe dream, but New City Kids made that dream a reality. They kept hope with me.”

Stephanie Korley, New City Kids Alumnus 2020


I started off in the fifth grade knowing nothing about the piano, and now I’m looking at myself as a (high school) senior, playing the piano professionally, on an EP. It is such an honor for me.”

Axl, Senior, Teen Life Intern

"Reclaiming my time"

"Reclaiming My Time" speaks to the resiliency of the youth we serve in Paterson. Despite what the headlines say, they have made a conscious decision to be the change in their communities through leadership and service, showing up every day this year to lead, teach, and love the kids in their city. As they learn what it means to love God, themselves, and to be love to others, they more confidently march forward to a brighter future and a promising tomorrow."

Jessie Davis, City Director, New City Kids: Paterson