About Us

Welcome to New City Kids!

Our mission is “Loving kids for change to create a community of academic, leadership, musical, and spiritual development.”

New City Kids walks with a child from first grade through college and beyond.

At New City Kids 100% of our Teen Life Interns have entered college in the past eight years and 90% of them have finished or are still in college.

This is no small accomplishment in a city where 33% of local teens drop out of high school and 51% do not attend college.

Our Impact

Why is New City Kids successful? The secret lies in the way it sends its message to kids – “You are valuable.” “You are valuable” is communicated in two complimentary and reinforcing ways.

Our Mission

At New City, we believe in the value of creating measurable achievements.  See what work we’ve accomplished over the last year, and some of the numbers we believe tell the bigger story.

Our Stories

New City staff are passionate, dedicated, and committed to the kids and teens we see every day.  Meet the people who make this non-profit so special.