Jersey City Teen Life Internship by the Numbers


Jersey City high school students employed by New City Kids.


percent of New City Kids high school seniors have enrolled in college since 2009.


average hours per year spent in programming by teens employed at New City Kids.

About the Teen Life Internship

A Teen Life Internship is a year-long, paid, part-time internship in the serious business of success. Much as a medical intern would learn the skills of a doctor or a legal intern would be immersed in the culture and strategies of attorneys, a Teen Life Intern is taught how to live well through an in-depth leadership development program that turns teens into the leaders of classrooms.

An Intern works eight to twelve hours each week tutoring, leading a music class, leading an activity class, or managing other teens. But, this work experience is only the beginning. It’s the platform on which an entire leadership development program is built. Each Intern is required to sharpen their skills through a curriculum of job training, life skills trainings, and an extensive college preparation curriculum. Each Intern also goes on professional visits and receives extensive one-on-one coaching and support. The result is a teen who is stretched, challenged, loved, and grown into discovering the dignity of work, a new-found confidence in their abilities, and the sure hope of a college education.

College-Bound Culture

At New City Kids our college bound culture begins at age six. Each child in our After School Center joins a team named after a college and the idea of college-identification is reinforced from the beginning. Each month every child hears New City alumni who come share their stories of college challenge and success.


high school students have graduated from the Teen Life Internship.