Jersey City After School Centers by the Numbers


Children Served Daily


days open during the year.


music classes taught by teens last year.

About the After School Centers

The Jersey City After School Centers served 188 children daily at three locations: the Fairmount Ave. site, Vroom Street Evangelical Church, and Lafayette site. The Centers offer both beginning and advanced drums and keyboard classes as well as bass guitar, visual arts, dance, and physical fitness. New City Kids piloted a reading program to help close the reading level gap that exists across Jersey City, particularly in the schools where New City Kids students attend.

Why After School?

There is a moment in the life of a child when he finds himself doing something he previously thought impossible. This can be the moment he learns a musical instrument, masters his times table, shares a piece of creative writing in public, or sees his name on the honors list. Whatever the moment is – that moment becomes a platform on which a child can build a life of achievement and confidence. The beginning of an awakening. The After School Center seeks to bring this moment to children again and again until they are propelled on a trajectory of transformation.

The After School Center invites kids (1st-8th grade) to take part in an academic and arts enrichment program. The core curriculum blends English, math, and geography lessons with fine and performing arts, music, and more. The After School Center now operates during the Jersey City Public School year in three locations.

Performing Arts and Activity Classes

Children are invited to choose an instrument and persist with it for an entire year. We offer classes in drums, bass guitar, voice, and piano. Children who complete the entire year win prizes, including musical instruments, so they can continue their craft. In addition to the music classes, we also offer electives in recreation, kickboxing, photography, drama, and dance.


All students receive homework-completion assistance. In addition, all New City Kids students participate in a year-long math, grammar, and geography curriculum designed to compliment and strengthen learning that is taking place at school. Learning goals are incentivized and every child earns prizes as they ascend through a series of achievement steps.